Infinipharm is the best solution for virtual prescription verification, virtual counseling, and full telepharmacy.

The Right Solution for the Right Occasion

Whether you need to verify prescriptions virtually, either at a single or multiple locations, counsel patients remotely, or have a full telepharmacy, we can help.

Multiple solutions in one

Virtual Counseling

Pharmacists can counsel patients remotely via a secure video call. Patient consultation workloads at each pharmacy can be balanced by other pharmacists helping remotely.

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Prescription Verification

Infinipharm allows pharmacists to verify prescriptions virtually by utilizing imaging taken by technicians for each step of the fill process. This can be performed by a pharmacist locally or remotely. Either way, it will save your pharmacists and technicians time and headaches.

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Full Telepharmacy

By having pharmacists from your other locations help review prescriptions and perform counsels, there is no need to have one at every location.

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And more to come

This is only the beginning. We have some exciting features coming in the pipeline and will be revealing them as they become available.

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