Infinipharm can help turn your pharmacy into a lean, mean, prescription processing machine.

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Manual vs Virtual Verification

Virtual prescription verification can help transform your pharmacy, even if it is a pharmacy with an on-site pharmacist. Manual prescription verification slows down the verification process and creates more busy work.

Although different workflows may vary, on average, the typcial pharmacist can save between 30%-50% of the time they spend verifying prescriptions manually by virtually checking them. Not to mention mistakes tend to decrease.

Let's compare the two methods:

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Manual Verification

  • Pharmacist essentially performs four steps:

    1. Pharmacist physically searches for bag or basket with prescription
    2. Scans any items involved, including the label
    3. Verifies the accuracy of the prescription
    4. Prescription is placed back in bag or basket for the technician to conitnue the process

  • Efficacy and efficiency decrease due to:

    1. Technician is held-up by the verification process
    2. Bags or baskets piling up and becoming cluttered
    3. It is easier for the pharmacist to lose focus on the patient and their needs, due to the need to move on to the next pile of prescriptions

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Virtual Verification

  • Pharmacist essentially performs two steps to complete the verification process:

    1. Pharmacist digitally searches for the prescription, which they find and open within seconds.
    2. Verifies the accuracy of the prescription by utilizing imaging taken by the technician and approves it

  • Technicians are able to continue to bag the prescription and place it in will-call to await approval

  • Everyone is less stressed and has a more positive experience

snowball effect

The Snowball Effect

The clear winner is virtual prescription verification, and it is like a snowball effect:

  • As the pharmacist spends more time with the patient, patient satisfaction most often increases.

  • As patient satisfaction increases, so does patient retention and acquisition. Happy patients are much more likely to recommend a pharmacy where they have had a positive experience.

  • As stress levels decrease for employees, their service to patients most often improves.

  • Last but not least, with more time to spend with patients, pharmacists are able to better focus on the needs of patients.

Your pharmacy could be adding $1,000's a year in value and savings by utilizing Infinipharm's virtual verification ability.

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